Our History (Serving You Since 1891)

The Mountain States Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association’s history is the story of 128 years of independent lumber and building material dealers who have, through the years, become the Mountain States family.

As with the family businesses that have made up this organization through the years, the integrity, stability, vision, and leadership that has passed from generation to generation is what has taken us from 1891 to 2019, and is what will allow us to stand the test of time. We are a diverse group of small and large, rural and urban, single and multiple operations who understand that in being part of an association they are stronger. Together we have seen good times and bad, have shared in each other’s success, and helped each other through challenging and difficult times.

Although the world has changed greatly since 1891, with vast advances in technology, communication, delivery systems, and products, our members today still face many of the same basic issues of their forefathers – how to survive and thrive in a rapidly-changing world that brings with it new challenges every day. In an industry that has faced the challenges of rapid change, the Mountain States Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association honors and pays tribute to its long and colorful past as we look forward with pride to a bright and rewarding future.

It is, however, our belief that although the industry may look very different in years to come, the integrity, honor, dedication, and leadership that is our legacy will carry us well into the future.