Letter From The President

Having spent my entire adult life in the LBM industry, I recognize it has presented incredible opportunities that has allowed me to grow professionally beyond my expectations and joining MSLBMDA helps to provide those opportunities for the future leaders in the LBM industry. It is important that dealers and their supply partners to work cooperatively to further interest and support initiatives to positively influence our industry while promoting dealer support to strength our presence nationally.

I am incredibly honored to be associated with the very talented and professionally minded members who have worked for decades to further the causes and enhance our standing nationally. While honoring the history and founding values of MSLBMDA, I would like to work increasing the presence of association through enhanced membership experience to promote growth.

We come from an industry that thrives on profitable growth in an increasingly margin challenged environment that is currently experiencing strong headwinds that collectively affecting our goals. It is imperative that we increase dealer participation and strengthen our association with the end of goals of increased support and representation to better meet the changing demands of our LBM industry. Perhaps the greatest strength of our industry are the personal and professional relationships that we develop with our customers, suppliers, and competitors which I believe can be challenged effectively through the dealer association to further efforts that positively impact us all.

Finally, I am honored to be associated with the leadership team at MSLBMDA and will do my very best meet the standards of excellence that have establish over the years. Our association is supported by one of the nation’s finest group of industry professionals that proactive advocate on membership’s behalf.

Chris Borrego
President, MSLBMDA

Our Mission

To serve the building material dealers in the Mountain States Region by fostering, protecting, and promoting the welfare and best interests of our members.

Our Culture

We are a diverse group of rural and urban, single and multiple operations who understand that by being a part of an association that they are stronger.

Our History

Our history is the story of 128 years of independent lumber and building material dealers in AZ, CO, NM, UT, and WY.

Our Products & Services

  • Legislative Representation on Local and Federal Issues
    • Through your retail membership in the MSLBMDA you are considered a member of the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association as well. We work hard to represent your interests both locally and federally on legislative and compliance issues that impact your business. Learn more about the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association by visiting their website at www.dealer.org.
  • Opportunities for Networking and Building Strong Industry Relationships
  • Industry Specific Education and Training
    • Estimating Workshops, Yard Foreman Seminar, Customer Service Programs
    • Installed Sales Program, Forklift Safety, HR Related Programs
    • Product Knowledge Seminars, Webinars, Benchmarking Seminars, Lien Law,
      Financial Sessions on various topics, & so much more
  • Annual Fall Conference and Spring Products Expo
  • Brewfest / Fundraiser that generated over $25,000 to Project Healing Waters
  • Property / Casualty, Work Comp, & other Insurance through Federated Insurance
  • Management Reports & Surveys
    • Compensation & Benefits, Cost of Doing Business
  • Building Material Operations Comparison Study
  • Lumber & Building Material Reference Manuals – also in Spanish
  • Business Forms & Advertising Specialty Products
    • Computer Invoices, Statements, Checks, Envelopes and more
    • Imprinted Carpenter Pencils, Regular Pencils, and Pens
    • Logo apparel through our partnership with Halo Solutions
  • Directory and Product Guide
    • New On-line Product Guide
  • MSLBMDA’s Coop Credit Card Program (Heartland Credit Card Services)
  • Construction Spanish to English, English to Spanish Handbooks
  • Two by Four Newsletter
  • Local Representation & Community Involvement through our State Councils
  • Golf Tournaments & Social Events
  • Lien Filing Services and Collections Services through our partnership with NCS
  • Opportunities to serve the Industry & the Association
    • Board & Council Service