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The Mountain States Lumber and Building Material Dealers quarterly Two by Four newsletter, along with special edition publications, is dedicated to providing information on issues, services, and opportunities designed with the success of our members in mind. You will also find information on members throughout the MSLBMDA region, obituary notices, and other news on educational opportunities or other industry events. The Two by Four newsletter is the official publication of Mountain States Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association, representing lumber and building material dealers in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and southeastern Idaho.

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Kevin Pask, Alpine Lumber, Erie, CO Named CO Council's 2014 Lumberman of the Year

Our 2014 LOY is a California native who followed in his father’s footsteps to the lumber and building materials industry. After moving with his family to CO, he grew up in Fort Collins. During his high school years, our LOY worked for Wickes in Fort Collins and later for Wickes in Longmont.

In 1988 our LOY went to work for Diamond Lumber in Fort Collins. A 1990 Graduate of Colorado State University, our LOY is still a strong supporter of the RAMS and CSU football!

After going through training with BMC West, our LOY landed for a short time in Idaho, but came back to Colorado and in August of 1991 married the “younger woman” he met years earlier when he was in 9th grade and she was in 8th.

January of 1992 marked the beginning of a career with Alpine Lumber Company when he was hired as the Operations Manager for their Parker, CO yard. In June 1993 our LOY was promoted to Assistant Manager of the Parker yard, to Manager of that yard in February 1995, and in August 2010 was transferred to the Frederick yard as Manager. His father Jim also has the pleasure of working for his son there.

Blessed with an amazing, strong work ethic, our LOY gives his all to his company and the industry and has served on the local Home Builders Association board and their Associate Member Council. Word has it, after of full day of work, he does like to unwind with a tall rum and coke at night!

With his family at his side our LOY serves meals at the Denver Rescue Mission, sponsors a family in need at Christmas, reaches out to children in need at the holidays, and is always willing to help with efforts on behalf of Easter Seals.

Our LOY is devoted to his family – his wife Kim and sons Kyle and Keegan, and his parents Jim and Linda.

Please join us in congratulating and recognizing our Mountain States Lumber Dealers 2014 Lumberman of the Year, Kevin Pask, Manager of Alpine Lumber Company, Frederick.

Bill Allen, RBS True Value Raton, NM Named MSLBMDA's 2014-2016 Industry All-Star

Every two years the Mountain States Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association names our “Industry All-Star. This honor, based on the same criteria as our Lumberman of the Year, allows us the opportunity to recognize a member from any of the states we represent to be recognized for making a difference in the association, the industry, and their community.

Our All-Star graduated from Raton High School in 1973, and went on to college in Durango, CO for one year, and then entered Regis College to study business and Economics. He completed his education and his fun college experience in 1977.

As a young boy working for his Grandfather Carmon and father Bob, unloading lumber, cement, insulation, fencing, roofing tar, sand and gravel, picking up nails from the yard, and helping customers in the store or on deliveries, our All-Star has a long tenure in the lumber and building materials industry. He says “he just knew this career was meant for.”

He said, “I wanted to be the boss and in January of 1978 I started my career - not as the boss - Stocking, cleaning, fixing, buying, selling and all that goes along with an entry level job in a lumber yard.” He remembers attending the MSLBMDA building material estimating workshop in Denver that, at that time, was still being taught by O.K. Stookesberry.

Our Industry All Star – who now IS the owner of RBS True Value Building Materials - has a long legacy with the MSLBMDA. Raton Builders Supply has been a member of the MSLBMDA since 1978 and his grandfather Carmon Allen was one of the very first members to be named as an Honorary Life Member.

With an upbeat and positive attitude, our Industry All-Star starts every day with the idea that he is “going to make it better than the day before. He is an active and supportive member of the MSLBMDA and of his local community wanting to make a difference in the lives of everyone around him.

Knowing the high standards to be considered for this honor, our All-Star shared with me that he has “always purposefully lived and worked to achieve these goals without any recognition. To him, it was only the way to live and the best way to contribute to the betterment of everyone.”

He went on to say that, “even though he lives in a less populated area and serves a smaller market, he hopes his footprint on this earth does make a difference.” He was also honored to be able to accept this award on behalf of “all the smaller building and lumber owners who work hard, and give a lot.”

It is our privilege to recognize and present this award for the MSLBMDA’s 2014- 2016 Industry All-Star to Bill Allen, owner – and BOSS - of RBS True Value Building Materials, Raton, NM.