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John E Gunzner has been in the lumber industry since 1956. At the age of 77 he still works full time at Front Range Lumber in Lakewood, CO where he’s been since 1965. Prior to that, John worked at Abbott Lumber in Englewood, CO as a driver and in sales. He then moved to a J.W. Metz yard in Lakewood, CO as an assistant manager.

In the past, John was very active in Hoo-Hoo, the former WOOD, Inc., and the Sentry Hardware group. Front Range Lumber first became a member of Mountain States Lumber in 1978 and John was named as Lumberman of the Year in 1983. His son John shares, “His passion is sales – even though he’s not personally very handy – it’s amazing how he can tell others how to do a job and knows what materials and techniques are involved.”

John “Sr.” is also very engaged in community affairs, currently serving on the board of the local merchant association and participating in Lakewood’s 20-year comprehensive plan. He is the President of the local coin club and meets the challenge of organizing that group and always manages to engage an interesting speaker to address them.