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Risky Business - Thea Dudley

Thea Dudley, MSLBMDA's Secretary and Treasurer, guest stars on Brad Hartmann's podcast Behind Your Back.

Imagine a job that required you to take FBI interrogation classes to learn negotiators' "tells" and to trek across deserts to recover goods. Well, if you're an expert in the business of credit management, you've likely done both.

My guest this week on the Behind Your Back Podcast is Thea Dudley, Vice President of Financial Services at SRS Distribution. Thea has over 30 years of credit and collection management experience in the construction industry working with dealers, general contractors, and sub-contractors. She also writes a credit advice column for ProSales Magazine called Thea's Mailbag, which she provides insights on the variety of challenges she deals with on a daily basis.

In this episode, Thea gives us a detailed look into ways the sales team and the credit team can work together to make everyone's jobs easier and more successful.

She also discusses:

  • The best way to ensure sales isn’t wasting valuable prospecting time on prospects who don’t pay
  • What you can do to facilitate prompt payment
  • Negotiation tactics to leverage better concessions
  • How to decide who is worthy of credit and how to go after those who abuse the privilege
  • How to get more women in the LBM industry
  • . . . And much more

Click below to listen to my conversation with Thea Dudley, Vice President of Financial Services at SRS Distribution—and say "thank you" to you credit team today!

Behind Your Back - Episode 14 - Risky Business: Navigating the World of Credit with Thea Dudley

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