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Paula Randall Ervin was born March 13, 1957 in New Port Beach, California. She graduated from Taos High in 1975. Paula left Taos for four years to attend college in Virginia at Randolph-Macon Women’s college where she earned a degree in physics in 1979. She returned to Taos to work at Randall Lumber, the family business. True to a family business Paula has done everything in the business from loading trucks, sales and accounting. In 1997 Paula and her siblings took over management of the business and she is currently the president and general manager.

Paula began her three year term as board member of MSLBDA in 2006 and has served in leadership roles ever since. She has served as MSLBMDA Secretary, and was elected President in 2015.

It is my pleasure to invite you to join me and your fellow lumber dealers in my home town of Taos, NM for our 2016 Fall Conference.

Maybe it’s the light or the altitude, or the thin line where golden mesa meets endless blue sky. Perhaps it’s the astounding verticality of the sacred Taos Mountain, or the eccentric contrast of cultures. Without doubt, Taos is a mecca for artists. There are restaurants, shops, galleries, and museums throughout the town, and art festivals and shows you can enjoy during your time with us. Food, film, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture - Taos has something artfully crafted for every taste.

With over a thousand square miles of public wilderness lands, there are hundreds of reasons to explore the great outdoors in Taos. The renowned trout fishing in the Río Grande and its tributaries draws anglers from across the country. The Río Grande Wild and Scenic River, which flows through the breathtaking Río Grande Gorge, provides world-class whitewater rafting and kayaking opportunities. Although we will be a little early for the ski season, the Taos Ski Valley, flanked by sacred wilderness, rugged peaks and multicultural vibes, sits in the center of New Mexico’s Enchanted Circle.

You can also step back in time... ancient ruins in the Taos Valley and the Taos Pueblo indicate Taos Indians lived here nearly 1000 years ago. Approximately 150 people live within the Pueblo full time. No electricity or running water is allowed within the Pueblo walls. The majority of members live in conventional homes outside the village walls, but occupy their Pueblo houses during ceremonials. While at Taos Pueblo, visit San Geronimo Chapel, built in 1850 to replace the original church which was destroyed in the War with Mexico in 1847. That church, the ruins still evident on the west side of the village, was first built in 1619. St. Jerome (San Geronimo) is the patron saint of Taos Pueblo.

The Conference is scheduled October 6-8th at the beautiful El Monte Sagrado Resort & Spa, just 4 blocks from the heart of the Taos Plaza.


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