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Jim DeSaverio About Jim DiSaverio

Jim DiSaverio

Allweather Wood / Humboldt Redwood
Loveland, CO

Chairman of the Council from 2011-2012, Associate Director, Associate Supplier President, and President Elect.

Chris Borrego About Chris Borrego

Chris Borrego

President Elect
Colorado / Nebraska

With 30 years in the LBM industry, Chris Borrego is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Builders with locations in Colorado and Nebraska.

Paula Ervin About Paula Ervin

Paula Ervin

Imm. Past President
Randall Lumber Hardware, Inc.
Taos, NM

Paula began her term as board member of MSLBMDA in 2006 and has served as a Director, Secretary, and was elected President from 2015-2017.

Thea Dudley About Thea Dudley

Thea Dudley

Secretary / Treasurer
SRS Distribution Inc.
McKinny, TX

In her three decades of work as a credit and collections officer, she knows how to decide whose worthy of credit and how to go after those who abuse the privilege.

Executive Vice President

Dena Cordova Jack

Dena Cordova Jack

Executive Vice President - MSLBMDA - Denver, CO

As a 25+ year veteran of the LBM industry, Dena served previously on the board of MSLBMDA, was the Lumberman of the year in 2011, and also served as the Vice Chair and Chair for MSC/National Lumber Dealer’s Association in Washington, D.C.

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John Gunzer

John Gunzner

National Director - Front Range Lumber - Lakewood, CO

John is a Colorado native, including his undergraduate and graduate school work at the University of Denver. John is currently the President of Front Range Lumber, which is celebrating its 53rd anniversary. His specific responsibilities include marketing, purchasing and operations.

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Max Guetz

Max Guetz

Director and National Alternate - Alpine Lumber Company - Parker, CO

Born in Wyoming, Max Guetz began his career in the lumber industry in 1983 when he joined the Home Lumber Company (Littleton, CO) team to work alongside his family. Max is currently serving as Vice President for Alpine Lumber Company.

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Walter Foxworth

Director - Foxworth Galbraith Lumber - Dallas, TX

Walter Foxworth (Foxworth Galbraith Lumber) was born on July 29, 1935 in Dallas, TX and has served on the MSLBMDA Board since 1991, both as a Director and as our National Director leading the organization legislatively from one that had little or no political presence to one that is now recognized and respected in both local and federal arenas.

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Court Moody

Director - Direct Lumber and Door - Denver, CO

Court Moody is the Inside Sales Manager for Direct Lumber and Door. He resides with his family in Denver.

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Dan Lowe

Director - Alpine Lumber Company - Parker, CO

Dan has served as a Director on the MSLBMDA board, and was named President from 2013-2015. Co-Chairman Brewfest Fundraiser. He worked for Asphalt Paving Company in Golden, CO from 1982 to 2001, for Home Lumber Company / ProBuild from 2001 to 2008, and has been with Alpine Lumber Company as GM from Jan 2009 to the present.

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John Martin

John Martin

Director - AD Martin Lumber - Riverton, WY

John Martin (AD Martin Lumber) was born December 7, 1984 in Riverton, WY. He began his career in the lumber industry at the age of 13 building trusses. He held various positions with the company until December 2013 when his father Mike Martin retired and John took the reins. John has been actively involved with MLSMBDA serving on the Board since 2011 as the Director for Wyoming.

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John Martin

Jon Sparks

Sales - BMC - Denver, CO

Beginning his career in 1991, Jon has worked construction, specialty lumber, and as a sales manager and general manager for BMC Denver. Jon has long wanted to be involved in MSLBMDA, and is excited to serve this year as a director, and lend his energy, industry expertise and experience to making MSLBMDA a success!

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Eric Hill

Eric Hill

Director - Boise Cascade - Denver, CO

Eric returns as a Director 2018, a possition he had prior to Serving as MSLBMDA Secretary / Treasurer from 2015-2017. In addition, Eric has served on the Colorado Council since 2009 and was the Colorado Council Chairman in 2013.

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Justin Ellis

Justin Ellis

Director - President, Builders Stores of NM - Roswell, NM

Leading the creation of the Builders Do It Center, a project that earned him the NRHA's Young Retailer of the Year Award in 2013. Justin now serves as President of Builders Stores of NM, Inc. the retail and pro division of Roswell Lumber Co. as well as the General Manager of RLC Supply and Logistics, the wholesale and logistics division of Roswell Lumber Co.

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Michael Rodriguez

Michael Rodriguez

Director - Builders Enterprise - Aurora, CO

Michael is a native of Colorado and is currently the Commodity Purchasing Manager for Builders Enterprise in Aurora Colorado. Mike has spent the last 28 years since graduating from college in the lumber industry.

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Derek Byington

Derek Byington

CO Council Chair - Builders Enterprise - Denver, CO

Derek has been affiliated with the Colorado Council for the past nearly two years, giving generously of his time and energy to contribute to the success of their events. He was Vice-Chair of the Colorado Council, and this year Derek will be stepping up to chair the committee and serve on the MSLBMDA board.

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